Now even though these girls make most of these costumes look way slutty, I’ll do it much more tasteful, of course.






But a part of me just wants to do Hermione, since I have like a lifelong obsession with basically being her haha. I mean, I already have the time-turner and everything.




Oh and I talked to him. We agreed to be friends because there’s no point in missing each other so much and doing nothing about it. Last night we IMed for 2 hours. You would think I’d be sad or nostalgic afterwards, but I felt better than I have since the break-up. It’s good to have my friend back, even if I can’t kiss him and tell him I adore him.

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  1. I am basically freaking out over the fact that this movie is coming out soon. I’m totally going to see it on midnight. It kind of makes me wish I brought all my Harry Potter swag to college. As for your costume choices, I fell in love with the robin hood costume. Is it bad that I would want to wear parts of that outfit in my every day wardrobe? But, for me I would stick with hermione, Other than the fact that I love the costuming in Harry Potter, I have hermione’s crazy hair. haha.Well I’m glad you got to work things out. It sucks to be missing someone and if they are missing you too then there really is no reason to do nothing. I hope everything keeps getting better!\=)


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