So I went to the movies last night with Luke, and it felt like going home again after being gone for a long, long time. I knew I missed him terribly, but it was almost as if I had to get into him car and see him and smell him and laugh with him to truly realized the empty space that he filled. 

I just don’t know what he wants from me. I kept thinking he wants me back, to really be with me again, but he hasn’t said those words. He asked if I’ll ever be able to forgive him, and made a comment that it’s going to be liek the beginning of summer again where he has to beg for just a kiss at first. So is he implying that were heading in that direction? OR just the direction of hooking up?

He said he wants to hang out again, but next week. Why a week? Ah, whatever. Overanalyzing and overthinking as usual. I wish I could just take what he gives me and not think about it to so much, not get my hopes up. I mean, it’s not that I’m anticipating us getting back together…I just don’t know! This is so frustrating.


Anyays, I got most of these images from MandyStuff. They’re mostly celebrities and such, which I can’t help but be obsessed with. :p


Okay, I love Megan Fox. I know a lot of people don’t, but I think she’s so hot. But what I love more than hot Megan Fox is classy MEgan Fox.

Hilary Duff is so so classy. ❤

So is Selena. Much more classy than Miley. And I love what she says about Miley behavior.

Uhm…can they be a couple please?

love love love Katy

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  1. Men are confusing as all hell!! I wish I could offer some advice but I’m trying to understand what the hell men want myself. Lovely post, I love the last picture. I think the nude lip is really pretty! Have a great day! Good luck for when you guys hang out next!


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