I have such bad trust issues now. I’m already doubting what he’s saying, reading waaay into everything, and just waiting for him to tell me he’s changed his mind. I read the entry from yesterday and wish I could live in that bubble of niave but pure joy and faith. there’s nothing that i want more than him, but i’m so afraid he’s going to leave me again. i’m walking on eggshells anytime i’m talking to him, and worst of all,

he still hasn’t said he’s sorry.


I’m afraid.


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  1. have you told him that you’re kind of hesitant about getting back together?maybe if you let him know that you’re having these trust issues/doubts it might help especially since it seems like he’s your best friend and would probably be ableto help you more than anyone else could.and if you tell him that some of it stems from the fact that he just hasnt said sorry yetit might make him realize thats something he needs to do and just never realized that.sorry thats ridiculously lame advice.love the last picture, by the way,good luck girl 🙂


  2. I can totally relate on the whole trust issue thing. I’m trying to deal with it myself. I found that be straight out with my boyfriend is working. i mean it’s not making it any easier because I think trust is not an easy thing to grow – bu it’s better then me trying to pretend everything is okay. I just kind of wish I would be able to have some piece of mind when he’s not with me. Hopefully he will start to prove to you that he is worthy of your trust. But don’t feel too bad about not trusting him completely, I mean until he proves it you don’t owe him anything. At least that’s my opinion. It’s such a hard thing to deal with. But I think it will all turn out great! Life has a way of working out in the end [At least that’s what I try and convince myself haha]I hope your goal list goes well!Good Luck!=)


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