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  1. Maybe try a fresh start, like talk to him about it all and then explain to him that you just want a fresh start. Because I think if you look at it as a continuation of your last relationship – picking up where the last one ended – it will be hard to not feel like this time will be different. At least, that’s the way that I’m trying it. I mean it’s not all, ‘Oh fresh start I automatically trust everything and have no fears,’ but it helps to move myself into making that reality. But if he thinks he’s done nothing wrong – ie: hasn’t apologized – I think you still need to talk to him about it. I don’t think you can forgive him if he hasn’t acknowledged that he needs forgiveness. Sorry if you aren’t looking for someone to come and throw their opinions at you. I just am going through a similar situation and it sucks! I have to consciously tell myself to stop doubting everything. But I think it can be accomplished. I mean, I know that I am still angry about all the things that my boyfriend put me through and I am no where near ready to just go on all ‘happy-go-lucky’ but I want to be with him, so I am trying to make it work. Be strong dear, I know you can make it through this. It may be hard but I mean what part of life isn’t? sorry that I ramble all over your comments. If you ever are sitting there thinking, ‘when is this girl going to stop talking’ feel free to let a sista know! HahI hope tomorrow goes well for you!Take it one day at a time =)PS. xanga is the reason that I will be failing my first college midterms. Gotta love procrastination. *end ramble*


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