Hello there!

pic crew of fae me~

My name is Lace.

I’m a clinical psychology trainee studying child and adolescent psychology. I do therapy, conduct research on anxiety and OCD, and teach undergrad classes as well.

In my spare time, I absolutely LOVE to read. Some of my earliest memories are of browsing the library and begging my mom to let me check out more books than I could carry. Over the years, as I’ve fallen in and out of reading, I’ve always found that falling into a good book is the most blissful form of escapism. As much as I adore finding a new show to binge or a new film to obsess over, there is NOTHING like falling in love with a fearless heroine, smoldering bad boy, or finding a new family in between the pages.

Time and time again, I always find myself falling the deepest into tales with magical systems, hidden worlds, and immortal beings. So most of the books I review here will probably be in the fantasy genre, but I also look for great romances, historical fiction, and I love books both in the young adult and new adult audience ranges.

I’m always looking for bookish friends, recommendations, or someone to obsess over these series and characters with! So please, say hello, or find me on twitter at @laceonbooks!

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